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HINDU  HOLLYWOOD -                                   105
mobile, their gestures so eloquent, and their emotional equipment
so rich an,d spontaneous that 'his task is to damp the flame rather
than to add fuel to it.
Moreover, the country abounds in magnificent types. There is
110 finer male specimen in the world than the Pathan. In the
streets of the big cities you will see droves of lovely girls, with the
huge eyes, the small chins, the delicate noses and the frail but
firm figures which are the dream of the casting director. As for
the eccentric types—the fanatics, the clowns, the wizards, .the
grotesque—India has them by the millions.
And the other reason why Indian films may one day flash
brilliantly across the world's screen ? I have already indicated it.
It is hidden deep in the eyes of Mother India herself; it is written
in every wrinkle of her ancient face. Mother India is the world's
greatest story-teller; her legends are'inexhaustible,, and every
league of her sun-scarred territory has a tale to tell, of blood or of
passion or of sacred fire. And now that at last Mother India is
awakening, to all this store of ancient history will be added the
thrill of history in the making: the air will be strident -with the
echo of snapping chains and rending veils. It is for Mother India
herself-to. walk out of her ancient prison, which is so largely of
her own making, to breathe the fresh air and think the free
thoughts of the new world, and then, to translate them into
terms of art.
Can she do so ?
I think.the answer is ;yes/